Vision and Mission, Core Values and Services

  • As an essential part of the Wood County community, the library will reach everyone through learning and entertainment.
  • The library provides access to literature, information, creative experiences, and ideas to enrich our community.

Core Values

  • Building community
  • User-centered services
  • Current, varied, and balanced collections of materials
  • Accessible, quality facilities and outreach services
  • Innovative ways to incorporate technology into integral services
  • Leadership in all levels of staffing
  • Collaborative agreements with other libraries and agencies
  • Sound financial management and support to insure efficient and effective services
  • On-going relationships with area government and community organizations to enhance internal and external opportunities
Core Services
  • Quality customer service
  • Providing materials and resources that meet the needs and wishes of our diverse and growing community
  • Babies & Preschoolers’ “Door to Learning”
  • Sharing materials within the “Serving Every Ohioan” Library Consortium
  • Bowling Green and Wood County history and genealogy information
  • Connecting the collections to our communities through programming, literacy, bookmobile and outreach services
  • Community gathering place

See the library's 2013 - 2015 Strategic Plan, approved by the Board of Trustees at their March 19, 2013, meeting in the attachment below.