History of the Library

WCDPL plays a key and valued role in the vitality of the community. From the first subscription library founded in 1875, to the leadership of the women of the Shakespeare Roundtable which revived the library movement in 1911, to the passage of a  0.8 mil operating levy in the fall of 2010, the citizens of Bowling Green and Wood County have vigorously supported their library.

In 1969 the library became a County District Library. The main library building, located in the heart of downtown Bowling Green, was built in 1974. This building was extensively renovated in 2003.

WCDPL first offered bookmobile service into the county in 1951. The Walbridge Branch Library opened in 1987 and was completely refurbished in 2007.

WCDPL, an historical timeline:

1875 - 1928 1940s - 1960s 1970s - 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
1875  - 1928   Early beginnings and the Shakespeare Round Table
1940s - 1960s   Growth and expansion
1970s - 1980s   A new home
1990s   Embracing new horizons
2000s   A library for the 21st century
2010s    WCDPL today