1875 - 1928, Early beginnings

  • 1875 January 21: Men's group organized Bowling Green Library Association
  • 1876-1886 library boasts 76 paid subscribers, Lucius Boughton appointed first librarian
  • 1881 Mrs. Addison Fay Head Librarian
  • 1904 Shakespeare Round Table begins work to create a free public library by giving teas and holding bake sales, committee chaired by Mrs. Grace Haylor
  • 1914 March: Mrs. Grace Haylor became the first head librarian (unpaid) until 1928
    1914 New library was housed in the rear of the Exchange Bank Building and consisted of 300 donated books

  • 1928 Library moved to new High School building at W. Wooster Street
  • 1928 Became School District Public Library and a Public Library after  Shakespeare Round Table gave the collection of books to the public


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