From the Director

From the Director, Fall 2019

Thursday, July 18, 2019, ended up as a very important day for the Wood County District Public Library (WCDPL).

First, as part of the new 2-year budget for the State of Ohio signed into law by Governor DeWine on July 18, the Public Library Fund formula was increased from 1.68% to 1.70% of the General Revenue Fund.  This increase should provide about ten million dollars each of the next 2 years to be shared among all of Ohio’s 251 public library systems.  Locally, state funding accounts for nearly 58% of WCDPL’s annual revenue stream. 

We deeply appreciate the efforts of Senator Gavarone as she successfully pushed for the increase in the funding formula while the budget was in the Ohio Senate.  Her public support of libraries really helped!  Then during the conference committee phase of negotiations, Representative Ghanbari advocated for this level of funding with House leadership.  We appreciate that our local elected leaders value the role the library plays in the lives of those in our county.

Second, on July 18 the WCDPL Foundation hosted its annual benefit with a new name, Novel Night, and venue, the BG Library!  This eleventh annual event to raise funds for the purchase of new books was a huge success!  Nearly 120 library supporters came together for an evening of good food, fine beverages, laughter, and extreme generosity – all because they value the role the library plays in our community as the “People’s University.”  Many thanks go to the evening’s generous sponsors and donors.

WCDPL is truly blessed to serve the Bowling Green, Walbridge, and Wood County communities.  Funds from the state’s Public Library Fund and from the local levy, when combined with the generosity of private donors, means that in 2020 WCDPL will be able to:

  • Continue to invest in maintaining our facilities so they remain fresh and welcoming spaces to learn one-on-one or with a group.
  • Be open a wide range of hours and provide a wide range of services.
  • Buy MORE new books to meet local demand for the latest bestseller, to maintain a quality collection to serve our community’s lifelong learning needs, and so much more.

To our elected leaders, to our donors, and to our voters– we say simply and humbly, “THANK YOU!”

Happy Reading.

Michael Penrod, WCDPL Director


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