Ukulele Club Videos

Want to learn to play the ukulele or brush up your technique? This collection includes videos originally live-streamed on Facebook featuring Jason and Sheri Wells-Jensen and special tutorials with Geoff Howes, all members of the Grande Royale Ukulelists of the Black Swamp--GRUBS to their many friends and fans.

Ukulele Club Fall 2020 Sessions. 


Uke Club Shorts, brief videos (most recent first) with more tips and information from Jason Wells-Jensen. And, don't forget to scroll down to find downloadable attachments for supporting materials to go along with Jason and Sheri's sessions.

Jason says, "Smooth transitions between chords are important for players at every level, but focused practice on specific skills can sometimes be tedious." In this video, he offers some tips for making practice sessions more productive, more interesting, and more musical.


Uke Club Shorts Bonus content: The second-easiest key to start playing songs in is G. And the easy-but-fancy two-finger "tonic" chord is G6 … which happens to be James Hill’s favorite chord!

Now that you can play easy songs in two different keys, you can start exploring patterns in the relationships between chords. And now you know all three chords in the Ukulele Club theme song!

Uke Club Shorts #5 Bonus Content: Will Grove-White (of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain) offers a friendly set of beginner lessons on his web site.

And, Ben Hassenger (founder of Lansing’s Mighty Uke Day festival) has an events page with info about upcoming classes, workshops, festivals, etc. -- mostly based in Michigan, but currently all online.


Uke Club Shorts Bonus Content: The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Lockdown page is an ever-expanding free archive of tutorials, playalongs, music videos, and tours of the orchestra members' ukulele collections. Browse through and enjoy those videos here.





And, here's the Uke Club's theme song:


Below, find videos previously which streamed live on the library's FaceBook page in June and July of 2020.

Ukulele Club Library Session 1 - (June 2020 )


Session 2


Session 3


Session 4


Session 5. July 2020


Session 6.


Two Special Sessions with Geoff Howes of the Grande Ukulelists of the Black Swamp. Lesson 1: "Lodi"

Lesson 2: "Lodi" with Geoff Howes