From the Director

From the Director, Summer 2022

As summer begins, we are excited for all of the opportunities it will bring for us to gather together as a library community.

Our Summer Reading Program this year is entitled “Oceans of Possibilities.” What an apt title for all of the ways kids can explore and learn at the library! Our Children’s Place is excited to bring families a number of engaging programs, reading suggestions, and ways to get involved this summer.

As weather turns warmer, we look forward to joining together with the community in a number of ways. We’re an active participant in local gatherings like Art Walk, the Wood County Fair, Rally on Main, and many other community events. While summer allows us to hold multiple programs outdoors, we also look forward to meeting you outside of our building and within our community to spread the library news.

In July, the WCDPL Foundation will once again host Novel Night. We are thrilled to once again be able to gather and see the support you foster for the library. I have always been humbled by the constant support and appreciation for the library you give us year-round, but even more so when I’m able to see it in person at Novel Night. This annual benefit event is a rallying cry for our library and the importance of the library in your lives, and I’m so grateful for that every year.

We hope to see you at the library this summer, whether it’s joining us for an outdoor programming or picking up a new read from our bookshelves!

See you at the library,

Michael Penrod
WCDPL Director

May 2022

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