Writing Happy Hour from Home

Work from writing prompts to create character biographies and back stories or to explore building evocative memories within your writing.

Held the first Friday of November, and December at 2 pm via Google Meet.

At Writing Happy Hour, participants work from a writing prompt provided at the start of each session. Time will be allowed to freewrite and then to share and listen to other's pieces. There is no requirement to share your work, only the opportunity to share if you would like. 

November 6 Session. Participants create an encyclopedia entry for a person, such as one of your characters. Find inspiration by visiting encyclopedia entries using the Ohio Web Library, or drop by the library to look at one of our biographical dictionaries to see what makes an interesting entry.  Thanks to The 4 A.M. Breakthrough by Brian Kiteley for the writing prompt.

December 7 Session. Participants take inspiration from memorable food prepared by amateurs (not by a restaurant). You can even include fragments of recipes if you wish. Thanks again to The 4 A. M. Breakthrough by Brian Kiteley for the writing prompt. 

To register and get instructions on joining the Google Meet sessions, contact Information Services by email, woodref@wcdpl.org, or by calling 419-352-5050.

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