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The WCDPL Seed Library is a self-service collection of seeds that you can donate to or take from for your plant-growing and gardening needs. Our Seed Library encourages gardeners of all ages to explore new plants and gardening techniques while providing a free way to start your own garden or share seeds with the community.

You're invited to donate your own seeds by visiting the Seed Library card catalogue by the elevator at the Bowling Green Library. To donate seeds, you can place them in the box labeled donations. To take seeds, simply look through the catalog to see what you would like to grow and take whatever seeds you like home.

Have questions about our Seed Library? Contact Information Services at (419) 352-5050 or email 

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Using the Seed Library

1. Choose the seeds you would like to grow.

2. Take the envelope(s) with your desired seeds from the cabinet.

3. Take the seeds home, plant them, and enjoy your new garden!

If you are interested in donating some seeds:

1. Packages of seeds can be donated by placing them in the seed donation box next to the seed library. *Harvest seeds from a selection of your healthiest plants and bring them in.

2. If you have any questions, stop by the second floor information desk.

*For more on growing for and harvesting healthy seeds, see A Seed Saving Guide for Gardeners and Farmers from the Seed Alliance:

Resources for Our Seed Library

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