Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Core Services

WCDPL Vision Statement:
Deemed an essential asset by the community, WCDPL strives to engage everyone with learning opportunities and creative experiences.

WCDPL Mission Statement:
WCDPL encourages lifelong learning and advances knowledge through literature, information, and exploration.

WCDPL’s Core Values:

  • Accountability. We take responsibility for our resources, actions, services, materials, and facilities.
  • Expertise. We deliver quality, user-focused library services & materials through skilled staff.
  • Freedom. Free & open to all, we support the freedom of ideas & the free exchange of knowledge.
  • Innovation. We explore new ways of doing things and new things to do.
  • Passion. We love our communities and the role libraries can serve in them.
  • Respect. We treat everyone with dignity.
  • Relationships. We celebrate our diverse experience. We build connections & trust with everyone.

WCDPL’s Core Services:

  • We offer traditional and virtual library services to our entire legal service district.
  • We provide quality, in-demand, diverse materials to meet the needs of our diverse communities.
  • We deliver materials and experiences for babies, preschoolers, and families to build early literacy skills.
  • We collect and share the history, genealogy, and stories of our service district.
  • We link our patrons to our materials with learning, literary, and cultural opportunities.
  • We provide welcoming community gathering spaces.
  • We offer entertainment in a variety of formats and through partnerships.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees June 11, 1996. Revised July 9, 2008. Revised October 17, 2022. Revised November 20, 2023.