Temporary Cards

Get started using our digital resources and check out materials now!

You can apply for a temporary library card online and immediately receive a card number that is good for 60 days.

  • Temporary cards will work with digital resources for 60 days and allow you to place 1 request in the online catalog. 
    • Digital resources you can access with a temporary card include:
      • The WCDPL OverDrive Collection
      • The Ohio Web Library
      • Hoopla
      • TumbleBooks
      • Flipster
  • When you are able, we hope we to see you in the library during our Express Service hours, where you can replace the temporary card with your permanent library card. 
  • Use this link to register for a temporary library card account.
  • From the pull down menu, be sure to select Wood County District Public Library from the list of libraries
  • Complete and submit the registration form in the pop-up window
  • Make a note of your user id information and keep it where you can find it
  • NOTE: If your temporary card expires before you obtain a permanent card, WCDPL will not be able to recover hold requests or checked-out items in the WCDPL OverDrive Collection, Ohio Digital Library, and Hoopla.